Friday, January 16, 2009

Auctioned Bride is a bestseller!

Romance novelist Victoria Chapman's new book, Auctioned Bride was released yesterday to immediate acclaim. It debuted at #10 on the Red Rose Publishing bestseller list and quickly climbed to #5, where it remains.

To find out what all the excitement is about, go to Auctioned Bride's book page at RRP.

Mark (filling in for Victoria while her hand is on the mend).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ordering link for Auctioned Bride

Here's the ordering page for Victoria's book, auctioned bride, going on sale tomorrow, January 15:

The link contains the blurb and a longer excerpt than the one I posted yesterday. If you like romance, you'll love Auctioned Bride.

Mark (filling in while Victoria's broken hand heals).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Auctioned Bride" Coming this week!

My spicy new novel, Auctioned Bride, is being released on Thursday, January 15th, by Red Rose Publishing. It’ll be available from,, and elsewhere. Here’s a short excerpt:

Paul broke off a blade of grass and trailed it lightly over her cheek, tickling her skin. “I met a girl who keeps saying no to my every suggestion.”

“Your every suggestion is the same suggestion put in a different form. It always ends with sex.” She pulled the grass out of his fingers, and dropped it on the ground. Why don’t you try something new?”

“Nothing is new in love and war. Everything has been tried before. The participants change, but the game remains the same.”

“Are we engaged in war?” she asked. Her hands were clenched in rigid fists to keep herself from trembling. What does it matter? she asked herself. He had a point to prove, and so did she.

“We are engaged in something,” he covered her knee with his hand, his eyes lingering on her mouth. “I want you, Katherine. I want to make love to you until your mind is a blank, and the pleasure is so intense that you’re past screaming. I want to see the marks of my passion on your body like a badge of honor.” He squeezed her knee, his voice low and intense. “I want your eyes to lose their baby dew and face me with hunger. I want to see you lie in my arms, aching with the need that only I can fulfill. Nothing less will satisfy me.”

“How dare you do this?” She struggled with his hand, her body tight and defensive, her skin breaking into a thousand goosebumps, her breathing shallow and uneven. “You hardly know me!”

“Don’t be so rigid, Katherine. Part your legs for me.” He lowered his head to trail his tongue over her knee. And then he bit the inside of her thigh, and she screamed in earnest.

I’ll post the purchase links as soon as they’re live.

I hope you enjoy it!

Saucily yours,



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